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News & Updates at the PBA


December 2016:

November 2016: New Breeding Tools, New Opportunities

September 2016:

August 2016:

July 2016: Working to Increase the Number of Plant Breeders

June 2016: The Davis Plant Breeding Academy graduates its fifth class and SBC hosts our ten-year anniversary celebration.

May 2016:

March 2016: UC Davis helps fight stunting in Africa with orphan crops

February 2016:

January 2016: SBC Director/Professor Kent Bradford and Adjunct Professor Gurdev Khush are among Seed World magazine’s picks for its list of the 100 most transformational men and women in the seed industry in the last 100 years.

December 2015: UC Davis African Plant Breeding Academy starts the second class

November 2015: UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy Completes Advanced Module Session

October 2015: European Plant Breeding Academy Starts the Fourth Class

July 2015: EPBA Outstanding Student Award Recipient Announced 

June 2015:

May 2015: Researchers, breeders, and farms use genomics to improve global food security

March 2015: Plant Breeding Academy completes first Advanced Plant Breeding Module

February 2015: Plant Breeding Academy by Numbers

January 2015: AOCC Receives Gift

December 2014:

June 2014: African Plant Breeding Academy Class I, Session 2

April 16, 2014:  Seed Central Building the Next Generation of Plant Breeders

February 2014:  February 2014 NAPB Newsletter

July 1, 2013 Press Release: European Plant Breeding II Graduates

June 10, 2013 Press Release: National Association of Plant Breeders Awards - 2013

June 10, 2013 Press Release: National Association of Plant Breeders Honors Graduate Students

April 9, 2013 Press Release: UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy in Asia Completes Second Week

November 29, 2012 Press Release: PBA in Asia Completes First Week

September 10, 2012 Press Release: Meet Class IV of the Plant Breeding Academy

June 11, 2012 Press Release: 15 New Plant Breeders complete the UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy

February 13, 2012 Press Release:  UC Davis Plant Breeding AcademySM – a Premium Professional Certificate Program for Plant Breeders

December 6, 2011 Press Release:  Rita Mumm joins PBA as lead instructor

November 15, 2011 Press Release:  Recent UC Davis Publications Detail Education and Training Needs for Future Plant Breeders

October 2011 Press Release AIB Tomerius and UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy

October 2011 Press Release: UC Davis European Plant Breeding Academy Starts Second Class

July 2011 Press Release:  Bayer CropScience Announces Scholarship for European Plant Breeding Academy

Mar 2011 Press Release: Plant Breeding Academy has a Big Impact on Career Development

Jan 2011 Press Release:  CRAG Moves to new Building and Hosts European Plant Breeding Academy Session Focused on Breeding with Molecular Markers

Jan 2011 Article:  Educating Plant Breeders to Meet Global Need

Dec 2010 Press Release: BreedWise reaches milestone in plant breeding education - Over 2000 students trained

FlandersBio joins European Plant Breeding Academy as a partner - EPBA class II is now open for registration

Oct 2010 Press Release: Plant Breeding Academy in Seed Valley - The Netherlands

Sept 2010 Article: A career with a growing future

Sept 2010 Article: Plant breeding: A dying breed

July 2010 Video: PBA Class II share the value of their experiences (wmv)

June 2010 Press Release: 21 New Plant Breeders complete the UC Davis PBA

May 2010 Article: Plant breeding education is a group effort (pdf)

May 2010 Article: UC Davis creates cradle for new breeders (pdf)

April 2010 Press Release: Rale Gjuric is appointed as Director of the Plant Breeding Academy

April 2010 Interview: Dr. Allen Van Deynze - Breeding with Molecular Markers

April 2010 Press Release: New UC Davis study pinpoints the training needs for future plant breeders

March 2010 Press Release: Plant Breeding Academy for Europe Begins at UC Davis

Sept 2008 Press Release: Academy aims to train global cadre of plant breeders

Jan 2006 Article: Academic training of plant breeders no longer meets demand (pdf)

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