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Recent UC Davis Publications Detail Education and Training Needs for Future Plant Breeders

November 15, 2011-DAVIS—Plant breeders have an essential role in improving our economic crops to meet the expanding needs of a growing global population. If envisioned improvements in crop productivity and adaptation to climate change are to be realized, plant breeders skilled in modern science and technology and knowledgeable about local needs must be well prepared for new challenges and opportunities. 

To help meet the growing global demand for plant breeders, UC Davis researchers undertook a study to determine the most important components needed for professional success in this field. Information was collected from more than 200 experts in the field regarding the knowledge, experiences and skills most important in a plant breeding graduate program.

Two peer-reviewed publications have been published recently from this study. Both journal articles are available free through Open Access for use by researchers globally:

The compiled data will help educators prepare high-quality plant breeders, while still working to retain the individual strengths offered by different universities. Through the diverse opinions detailed in this study about program development and curriculum design processes, students can be better prepared for the future.

This study was initiated by Dr. Fredrick Bliss, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Plant Sciences. Dr. Bliss and Dr. Cary Trexler, Associate Professor in the School of Education at UC Davis, lead the team in conducting this global study. The project was facilitated by the UC Davis Seed Biotechnology Center and supported by various companies, agencies and individuals. Additional information and the raw data regarding this study can also be found online at

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