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Rita Mumm joins PBA as lead instructor

 December 6, 2011: Rita Mumm, Associate Professor of Quantitative Genetics and Plant Breeding at the University of Illinois will join the Plant Breeding AcademySM (PBA) team of lead instructors for 2012 Davis Class.

Dr. Rita Mumm brings over 18 years experience in the plant breeding industry. Dr, Mumm was a pioneer in developing and releasing some of the first transgenic traits in crops with DekalbGenetics Corp. Her current research focuses on maize quantitative genetics, applications of genomic information to the development of improved hybrids, and deployment of traits created through genetic engineering, including efficient breeding strategies, and stewardship of governmentally regulated materials.  Dr. Mumm also directs the Illinois Plant Breeding Center which aims to increase the number of graduate students preparing for careers in crop improvement and to enhance their quality of education. Dr. Mumm is the current President of the National Association of Plant Breeders.

“Dr. Mumm is an educator and scientist with an exceptional track record. Her career achievements in both the private and public plant breeding sectors are a real inspiration for future generations of plant breeders.  We are absolutely delighted that Dr. Mumm will join the team of our core instructors.” – says Dr. Rale Gjuric, Director of Plant Breeding Academy.

The UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy is a postgraduate program that teaches the fundamentals of plant breeding, genetics and statistics through lectures, discussion, and field trips to public and private breeding programs. Employers appreciate the opportunity to provide their valued employees advanced training without disrupting their full-time employment.  Participants attend six 6-day sessions at UC Davis. The instructors are internationally recognized experts in plant breeding and seed technology.

UC Davis Plant Breeding AcademySM 2012 Class begins in September. It will include new topics that reflect the most recent developments in plant breeding theory and practice.  Applications are now being accepted.

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