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UC Davis PBA Graduates another Twenty-Six Breeders

June 9, 2014  Last week, during a joint session of the fourth Davis class and the first Asian class, UDavis Plant Breeding Academysm (PBA) graduated another twenty-six breeders.  Over the last two years, during six sessions the participants spent more than 300 hours in classes, workshops and in the field, training to earn their Plant Breeding Academy certificate.

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UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy participants:
Xavier Barreto, East-West Seed Company Inc., Philippines;  Craig Bednarz, Bayer CropScience, USA;  Matthew Calloway, Rice Experiment Station, USA;  Linda (Chia-Hui) Chang, Known-You Seed Co., Taiwan;  Adrienne Difuntorum, HM.Clause, USA;  Diego Alejandro Druetto, NuSeed, Argentina;  Peter Flett, NuSeed, Australia;  Stephane Gorin, Green Seeds Inc., USA;  Ginger Light, Bayer CropScience, USA;  Rogelio Marchetti, Pioneer DuPont, USA;  Renae Robertson, Driscolls, USA;  Robert Schimerowski, Pannar Seed, Inc., USA;  Rolando Solano, Ball Horticultural Company, Costa Rica;  Mariano Sposaro, Nidera S.A., Argentina;  Jennifer Vaughn, Pioneer DuPont, USA;  Michele Wood, Bayer CropScience, USA.

UC Davis Asian Plant Breeding Academy participants:
Pichet Yamyen, East-West Seed Company Inc., Thailand;  Maria Venus Salutan, East-West Seed Company Inc., Philippines;  Gang Wang, Urumqi Yunong Seed Co.  Ltd, China;  Chun-Lin Su, Known-You Seed Co. Ltd, Taiwan;  George Jubay, Syngenta Seeds, Philippines; Thu Bui Viet, Syngenta Seeds, Vietnam;  Chanaphong Khamkanya, Chia Tai Co., Ltd, Thailand;  Nor Azwani Abu Bakar, Malaysian Palm Oil Board, Malaysia;  Zulkifli Yaakub, Malaysian Palm Oil Board, Malaysia;  Chanin Taweekij, Syngenta Seeds, Thailand.

The Plant Breeding Academy is a premium professional certificate program currently offered in the USA, Europe and Asia.  Eight classes offered worldwide since 2006 were attended by 133 breeders from 30 countries, making the UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy the most recognized program of its kind. The next class starts in September 2014.  Registration is open for the remaining few spots in this class.

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