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Plant Breeding Academy
Plant Breeding Academy
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Outline - China

Topical Outline - China


Course overview and objectives


   Probabilities, Mean separation

   Analysis of Variance, Fixed, Random, Mixed – Models

   Experimental designs - balanced, unbalanced

   Linear Regression

   Experimental designs  – non replicated


   Inbreeding coefficients, pedigrees

   Population genetics

   Quantitative genetics

Selection theory

   Heritability and extensions to relevant models

   Principles of selection, intensity, gain equation

   Genetic variance components

   Mating designs

Breeding methods

   Genetic sampling and drift

   Selection limits

   Recombination in inbred lines and populations

   Population size

   Use of exotic germplasm

   Coancestry control (pedigree use, sublines, factorials

   Progeny testing

   Inbreeding depression and hybrid vigor

   Heterosis: dominance vs. overdominance hypotheses

   Evaluating hybrids and combining ability

Multiple-trait selection

   Selection indices (independent culling, tandem selection, Elston, RSI)

   Selection indices (Smith-Hazel, desired gain, mod. convergence)

Indirect selection

   Genetic correlation

   Indirect selection methods

Breeding with molecular markers

   Availability and quality of molecular markers


   Population structure

   Genomic selection

   Marker assisted breeding and backcrossing

   Trait integration concepts  - single, multiple traits

   Bioinformatics / databases

   MAS vs. GWAS - gain, cost and time efficiency

Genetic correlation: treatment of GxE

Environments and GxE interactions

   GxE types, analysis

   Use decisions in population development

   Genotype stability, superiority

   Use of specialized testing environments

Special topics

   Genetic control of fertility (male sterility, sex expression)



   Induced variation (mutation breeding, somaclonal variation)

   Intellectual property protection tools in seed business

   Biotechnology regulations

   Data management

   Optimization of breeding schemes

   Use of doubled haploids in plant breeding

Seed production and quality

   Global seed market overview

   Clean seed stock, seed-propagated crops

   Seed certification and classes

   Maintaining genetic purity: isolation and gene flow

   Producing and enhancing seed quality

   Stewardship of cultivars


Topics and time allotted for them may be changed as needed


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